Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello Quiet My Old Friend

Good morning. Do you notice the quiet? I took the music player off my page. When I downloaded it some months ago, the plan was to keep it on for a season. I'm ready to go back to the sounds of silence. (I love that song!)

Quiet is nice. I was reminded of this yesterday when Kenz and I were making meatloaf. We were in the kitchen chatting away. She became intent on stirring the eggs, while I studied the ingredients on the bread crumbs. The refrigerator stopped its humming and the air conditioner went off.

I wonder if the electricity went off, I said to Kenz. Nope, the preheat red light is on for the oven.

Let's listen to the quiet, I told her.
It was really nice. A big slice of no sound, a rest in the ears, a still massage. I could actually feel tension running off my neck muscles.

I don't think we realize how much noise permeates our brains, on an hourly basis. Generally, I don't like TV noise on in the background or even music. The music player on my page was beginning to be background, although I loved listening to all the songs.

It seems everywhere we go, there is extraneous sound. I've been really noticing it lately, in restaurants, sometimes it's obnoxious, the music that is. Even sitting here blogging, I hear my computer stirring up stuff in the motor.

I was first to break the quiet spell and asked Kenz, Do you ever get this kind of real quiet at school?

Yes Nana, everyday, when it's Nap time. We have to whisper like this, she said, showing me.

The toddlers would wake up if we talk like this, she then demonstrated ---in her LOUD voice.

The phone rang, the air conditioner came on and Cody barked. Quiet time in the kitchen was finished, but at least we had a nice visit with it and were reminded of the beauty/rest that waits there, somewhere, if we listen for it.


Angeline said...

Yes when you have kids or are constantly in the presence of little noisy-chicks and ducks, peace and quiet is like gems and treasure...hard to find and when I finally get some (when they are in dreamland) I start 'talking' to my PC *laugh*

~T. said...

OH do I miss the sounds of silence around here, now that my daughter and her family are all living with us! lol
Okay, I don't want to jinx myself, but I really do love it when the electricity goes off, not for a long time, that would be awful, but for an hour or two, it's heaven. We have no other choice but to sit and enjoy peace with no interuptions and no technology to cloud our minds...

Kim's Mom said...

Most evenings, now that the dune riders have slowed their pace in the distance, Pa and I enjoy stepping outside in the evenings and just listening to the silence. We stand there together, gazing up at the moon and the stars, just taking it all in. The awesome sky paired with the silence is just incredible.

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