Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Uncle Mi Mi

Big brown eyes!

Fire engine overalls. Notice the white telephone wire. Can you believe we stood next to a wall.... to talk on the phone? Unless of course we were lucky enough to get one of those super duper long telephone cords.

Toe head in the sandbox. I can hear your little motor saying brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nowadays, Mike is a Natural Body Builder Champion. We are so proud of him. Since this picture was taken he has won several awards in state contests. I was trying to hang a sheet up for background effect, but while taking the shot, it slipped down. Kenz is flexing her three-year old muscles. She named Mike Uncle Mi Mi.
Mike and his wife Jodi are having a baby next month! (I like to write those words!)


Angeline said...

Wow! I would love to have such a macho and handsome uncle too!

Dorothy said...

Aw I'd be proud as well.. Nice photos.

Dorothy from grammology

Kim's Mom said...

Great photos! Uncle Mi Mi sure grew up didn't he! Kenz looks so cute posing next to him.

HDMac said...

Those are such cute pictures!!! Love the two together!

Yes, I remember "corded" phones!!! Really wasn't life a bit simpler with them? >>>> erg, having to find the cordless somedays! lol<<<< I did have a super long cord on mine and I could talk on the phone and walk around the kitchen taking care of things as I talked. :) Somedays carrying a fussy baby draped over my arm, too! lol...

Nice pics and nice to meet more of your family!

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