Friday, September 19, 2008

Everything E

In our world it's not only September 19th, but it's the last day of E week. The alphabet is flying by and soaring overhead.

I love the concept of letter of the week. The notion of focusing on a single letter each week seems to bring an excellent simplicity to the busyness of the days.

In little books Kenz brings home exits, eagles, eels, elephants, eleven, Eskimos and eggs.

She prints capital E's and small e's, and then does them in cursive! (Montessori teaches cursive at the same time as printing.)

After eight hours of doing my Nursing job, I picked Kenz up from school a few times this week. She shared with me her concern. Nana, it's going to be challenging to find a Show n Tell that starts with E.

Ahhhhhhh childhood! After an eight hour shift of administering medications with names like Enoxaparin and Escitalopram, plus dealing with effluent, electrolytes, emboli, epitaxis, exudates and excretions, to ponder E, apart from these things is exceptionally--- relaxing.

You could bring earrings, I told her.

No Nana, they will get lost in the Show n Tell basket.

You could bring an egg.

No Nana, it might break.

How bout Ernie or Elmo?

Those are for babies, Nana!

Today is Friday, Show and Tell. I just called my daughter. "Do you have something for E?" I asked without saying hello or good morning.
"Yeah, Easter Basket," she answered emphatically.
Excellent , I thought, and entertaining. Now I can get on with enjoying my day off!


Angeline said...

*laugh* That's alot of 'E's indeed! alphabet a week eh? I guess I should scrape my alphabet a day idea now....

Dorothy said...

This post is so kool....

Dorothy from grammology

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