Saturday, October 11, 2008


Brody swaddling in the arms of his aunt, Kenz's mom
The day is fast approaching when my daughter-in-law will be going back to work and beautiful baby Brody will begin spending a few mornings a week with Nana Connie. My son, by the way, would prefer his son to call me grandma instead of Nana, like cousin Kenz does. We'll have to wait and see what name Brody picks for me. I can't make any promises. But grandma, granny, grandmother..... they'll all fine by me.

After Brody was born.... (a month ago!! already!!) the nurses at the hospital told us about a video called the Happiest Baby On The Block. You may have seen the demonstrations on the TV programs, the gentle pediatrician Harvey Karp swaddling and calming crying babies. According to Karp there is a technique to elicit the calming reflex that with a little practice can be learned by parents and grandparents alike.

A few days after Brody was home with his mom and dad, I found the video at our public library and borrowed it for them to watch. My daughter-in- law told me a couple of times that it was "really good."

Tonight, a month later (everything takes me a month to get around to these days) I watched the video The Happiest Baby On The Block. I am one of those sensitive people who cry when they watch the Brady Bunch, so after only a few minutes into the short documentary I was choking back tears, watching as the darling little babies stopped their wailing and relaxed in the jigglin' motion the doctor teaches. So cool!

Some babies, according to Karp. need to be swaddled until they are three months old. They might need to be held on their sides while wrapped up like a present, if swaddling alone doesn't calm them. And they might need to be shhhhhhhhhished.... with a sound near their ear, that mimics the noise they heard in the womb. In addition, some babies need a pacifier to suck while swaddled and shhhished.

I haven't babysat for a baby in six years! Some of these new tricks will come in handy and they might even help to calm Nana, as the new adventure begins!

There's more information at the website.


Angeline said...

time does fly, doesn't it?! its been a month already?! Wow!

like you've said, doesn't matter what he calls you...'cos ultimately you are still his granny...

Nina Lewis said...

Congratulations on your new grandson. What a cutie!

Our daughter-in-law swaddles our grandson and it seems to help him settle down.

Aren't grandchildren wonderful!!

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