Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Talk

How do you talk to a baby? This is information I copied right out of What to Expect The First Year, the wonderful resource by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff and Sandee E. Hathaway, B.S.N. This is only a sample of what the writers had to say. It's located in the chapter, The Second Month. (Brody will be 8 weeks on Saturday.)

Do a running commentary. Don't make a move, at least when you're around your baby without talking about it.

Ask a lot. "Would you like to wear the red pants or the green pants?" "Isn't the sky beautiful today?"

Give baby a chance. Studies show that infants whose parents talk with them rather than at them learn to talk earlier. Give your baby a chance to get a coo, a gurgle, or a giggle in edgewise.

Keep it simple--some of the time. So at least part of the time make a conscious effort to use simple sentences and phrases. "See the light." "Bye-bye," "Baby's fingers, baby's toes," and "Nice doggie."

Put aside pronouns. Most of the time refer to yourself as "mommy" (or "daddy" or "grandma").

Raise your pitch. Try raising your pitch when talking to your baby, and watch the reaction. (A few infants prefer a lower pitch: experiment to see which appeals to yours.)

Stick to the here and now. A young baby doesn't have a memory for the past or a concept for the future.

Imitate. Babies love the flattery that comes with imitation. When baby coos, coo back: when he or she utters an "aah" utter one, too.

Set it to music. Don't worry if you can't carry a tune___ little babies are notoriously undiscriminating.

Read aloud. Though at first the words will have no meaning, it's never too early to begin reading some simple children's rhymes to your baby.

Take your cues from baby. Incessant chatter and song can be tiresome for anyone, even an infant. When your baby becomes inattentive to your word play, closes or avert his or her eyes, becomes fussy or cranky, or otherwise indicates the saturation point has been reached, give it a rest.


Jill said...

Great videos of Brody. It is so obvious that you LOVE being a grandma!!

Anonymous said...

Con, I love this. I will make a trip plan soon yo meet my grand nephew. Thanks for keeping me connected. Love, Sister Jean

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