Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Me

Nana would like to extend her thanks to all the people who have helped make Kenzie's sixth birthday a wonderful success.

I would especially like to thank AMY--- a sweet nurse at my place of employment. When she heard that I would missing out on Kenz's birthday party--- because I was on the schedule, she volunteered to work for me! I know this will not be easy for her because she will be working five days in a row. In our business this takes incredible energy. Amy knows firsthand, from observing the relationship between her mother and her niece, just how important it is for Nana not to miss out on--- being there.

Thanks also to my brother John and his family for driving in last weekend and igniting the spirit of celebration not only for Brody's arrival but for Kenzies special day. Thank you for your generous gifts. Toys R Us..... here we come!

Happy Birthday to everyone born in November!

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Angeline said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie!

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