Friday, December 19, 2008

Right On Q.

Its the Friday before the week of Christmas and there's Christmas in the air.

I have that song in my head... It's the night before the night before Christmas, everywhere you go. I don't even have the lyrics right, but the song is a-singing in my heart.

I love this time of the season, scurrying about, quickly wrapping up last minute gifts, listening to Christmas tunes and challenging myself to squeeze it allllllllll in.

Today at Montessori, it's Q day, Q show and tell day. This morning Kenz was still trying to figure out what to bring. "Let's think about this," I told her in our 8 O'clock phone exchange. "Queen?" No, Nana. "Quick?" (I thought about this a second and dropped it. I didn't want to make her mom have to stop at the store and BUY a can of Nestle Quick.) (But it was a good idea.) Then it hit me---"Bring Q-tips." I heard her mom in the background--- "Good one Nana!" So that's settled....hurray!

Isn't this the loveliest poinsettia you ever saw? Simple construction paper and glue. Oh yes, the best things in life are ....children's art projects. I love the simplicity and creativity. They are quintessential, quiet and quite wonderful.


Dorothy said...

Good morning Nana, hope all is well. My daughter is bringing Noah over to spend the night...I can't wait..

Happy holidays..and many blessings.

Dorothy from grammology

Angeline said...

Oh Nana, I love your brain!!!! what a brilliant thing to suggest!

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