Monday, December 8, 2008

Lights, Camera, and Action

Kenz will be a great writer. She loves to tell stories and hear stories. She loves to watch movies. And she loves to PLAY stories. Something she would rather do than anything else in the world is to--- play a story. Today when she came over she was in that space where she wanted to let her imagination run ---wild.

We played mom and dad, one of her favorites. When I was her age we called it playing house. I played along according to her script. Today, she was a pregnant mom and stuck a baby doll under her shirt. I was the dad who brought four of the other girls in the stroller to visit her in the hospital. This was after I was the doctor who delivered the baby. Then in a strange twist of things, I was the doctor who stole her away and locked her in a jail where she sleepwalked. At this point, I didn't want to play anymore, but she insisted that the story (the saga) was coming to an end. The end came when she escaped from the jail and ran home to her children.

It was dark when I took Kenz to her real home. "Why was the doctor such a mean guy to lock up the lady who just had the baby?" I asked her.

"Because Nana, it was really the dad pretending he was the doctor and it was a joke on her."


"That's how it is on Scoobie Doo," she continued. "In most of the Scoobie Doo's someone takes off a mask in the end and it's really someone else and not the one they thought it was. If they didn't do this it wouldn't be Scoobie Doo, it would be Doobie Scoo or something like that."

I pondered her logic for a moment, then asked her to sing me a song. "Sing me that one about the Christmas tree," I told her while grabbing my camera from my purse on the front seat. I clicked the ON bottom to film. (I didn't turn on the flash so the video just shows the background lights.)

Ah yes! I like to be the director, too!

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