Friday, February 27, 2009


Dear Sally,

I was going to send you this thank you letter, but decided to blog it instead. Last night, I finally got a chance to read some chapters from your beautiful pink book. I love the cover! Your illustrator has done a wonderful job showing the love and spirit us grannies possess for our grandchildren. As I usually do, I planned on coming back to the Introduction after skimming the chapters. However, after reading the first sentence I was drawn into your thoughts on being on a super granny. WHO IS A SUPER GRANNY? You are! Everything you said is true! This love we share for these people a generation removed is--- universal. After soaking in the words of the intro, I moved along to the section written for the Kenz's age group, THE SCHOOL YEARS (Age Six to 11) (She has a day off from school today, so we will be able to have some special time together.) I like the way I can use your book as a guidebook. Page 156.... Planning a special day.
Your day with seven year old Nina was wonderful to read about. Kenz and I will someday take a trip to New York, but today we will be having our date in our desert hometown. I like the way you zoomed in on having a great one on one!

Sally, your book is wonderful. It's not a run of the mill to-do list. Although you do include a great list, it's way more, it is a sweet sharing of the love we cannot contain for these special people, and a guide to pouring it out--- in buckets. Thanks so much for including the chapter about Kenz and our baking day. We were both estatic to see our names in print! And thanks for my signed copy!


Nana Connie

Play Wit Me Nana readers: If you want to order the book, visit SUPER GRANNY at her blog. Or you can go to the side bar on my page and type Super Granny in the box. Sally's blog SUPER GRANNY address is


Dorothy said...

The book sounds wonderful and I'll check out her blog. Thanks for sharing hope all is well.

Dorothy from grammology

Nina Lewis said...

I would like to support Sally's book by having a link to Amazon like you have on your page. Could you e-mail me and tell me how you got the link on your page??

My address is:


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