Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ant Art

Finally... I have a moment to blog. Brody is... thank God, finally learning... how to nap. He's on the big bed where Ant Jean slept. He's sound asleep. Every two seconds I check on him.
This is new. He hasn't been a good napper up until.... yesterday. A good nap schedule will only make him smarter than he already is, which is so smart and so cute..... Grandma is in love!

Ant Jean was here on the 15th and left on the 17th. As Saint Patrick's Day luck would have it, during her visit, both Daba and Kenz were having upper respiratory issues i.e. coughing, sneezing and snaaa..zing. However, this didn't stop us from having a great evening. Daba made his pork chop dinner extraordinaire, while at the dining room craft center, Ant Jean demonstrated the fine art of making books. First you do a hamburger fold, then a hot dog fold, then you have a birdie, cut along the line.... Kenz picked up on it without a hitch. Nana needed extra lessons.
Gotta go... Brody is awake. That was a whole forty-five minutes! That's our Boy Baby!

All the books we made turned out awesome. We got a little carried away with the glitter, but after all, that's what makes life sparkle.

An art-craft time with Ant Jean is an evening under the stars, a meditative get-away that brings back neat little souvenirs. I love Kenzie's book entitled Boy Baby.


Dorothy said...

Oh they are management intense aren't they and yet we love them so.

Noah and I played from two to 10 pm yesterday I was exhausted and went to be by eleven..

Dorothy from grammology

Sally Wendkos Olds said...

I love Kenz's book too. I hope you'll save it for when she becomes a best-selling author. Aren't aunts wonderful!

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