Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nana In Nonna Land

The card from Kenz (above) was on my desk when I got home from Italy. I was gone for about two weeks. Kenz and Brody both have made subtle, wonderful changes. Brody is steady on his feet and Kenz was excited to read to me from a Mary Pope Osborn Chapter book. She had two of them and had read the first one. "I'll let you borrow it, Nana, so you can read it, too," Of course, I loved hearing this.

Italy is beautiful. I kept my eyes open for Nonnas and Bambini. The country has a love of children, a dedication to them. The Nonna pictured above gladly let me photograph her and her granddaughter. What I saw beaming in her eyes was the same joy I have in my heart for my grandchildren! She was shining in the quiet afternoon sun, right after a siesta. Love them siesta's!

I love September. It's always been my January. What a special time! The grape harvest is flouishing across the countryside and I am refreshed and ready for the holdiay months ahead. Nothing like a getting away from it all! It's the wine of life.

Brody gave me the sweetest, cuddliest hug when he first saw me. He's saying a few words, but his favorite is Hi! He is my Italian heartthrob!


Angeline said...

Aaaawww.... such little acts will get me all teary... *smile*

Dorothy said...

So nice to hear from you and can't wait for more pictures of you and Italy one of my favorite places I'd love to see Rome and Florence.

Thanks for the note thus recharge and let us see what Italy was like when your ready.

Dorothy from grammology

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