Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is a treat for grandmas

How adorable is this little giraffe?

Good Witches of the WestCousins trick or treating. Look at Dad's flip flops. We had very mild weather and a FULL Moon. Brody's trunk was his bag for his treats. I wonder what was going through his fourteen-month old brain when all of a sudden people are dressed funny and walking up to houses and getting candy from a funny person holding a big bowl.   And why does grandma have that big tall silly hat on?                                           


Nina Lewis said...

Such charming witches costumes. Did you make them???

Connie said...

Nina, I haven't sewed since my daughter was born over 30 years ago... I am not a sewer... I remember trying to make something and my whole house was a mess for weeks. All I wanted to do was sew something my child could wear. I never did make it happen. Kenzie's costume was from TJ Maxx and fit her like a glove!

Angeline said...

The makeup of the little witch is simply Perfect~!

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