Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Magnificient Seven

My Kenz has reached a milestone. She is seven years old! She has graduated to the 7-14 size section at Kohls, Target and all the other girl's departments across the land.  She is a first grader, no longer a preschooler and not yet a middle-schooler. She is learning to ride her bike w/o training wheels and she can TIE her shoes.

She loves to imagine crazy situations with her Barbie dolls. Yesterday the King and Queen were coming for a visit. They arrived on an invisible magical carriage. The others were lined up, decked out in the latest Barbie fashions, even the Hannah doll who bolted out a song for the royal couple, "The best of both worlds."

Kenz has friends she cherishes. One of her best friends names is Cherish and Riley and Adrianna and Gezana and....

Kenzer is full of spunk. She loves to play hide and seek, color, paint faces (thanks Ant Jean, great gift), read chapter books and watch her favorite programs. One of her favs is the Golden Girls. She likes the old old lady Sophie.

Kenzie girl likes movies that aren't scary and Vanilla milk with whipped cream from Starbucks drive-thru.  She loves her family and family get-togethers. She adores Brody and her little cousins on her dad's side of the family. She loves loves loves her Nanas. She has three of them. And she also loves her two grandpa's. Everyone was at the birthday party. We went to PUMP IT UP, a jumping castle place. She sat in the Queen's chair and opened magnificent gifts from her classmates and relatives. She beamed... but then again she is always beaming.....

It's wonderful to be SEVEN!

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