Saturday, December 5, 2009

Watching Each Other

Let's read Farm Animals.


                                                       Let's make our surprised face.

Today I was writing  in the charting area when I see the Charge Nurse walking down the hall towards me. "I have to tell you something," she said, sitting down in the chair next to me. My first thought was that it had something to do with staffing, charting, medication orders or... something along the lines of nurse nature.

"Yesterday" she said, " I was holding my nine-month old grandson on my lap. I have taught  him not to hit people, but to be gentle and pat them like this... nice, nice. I started crying, because he was leaving today to go across the country to visit other relatives. Not only that, I may be moving one of these days and his mother is not sure she wants to move with me. I was feeling so sad when all of  sudden this little guy takes both his hands, puts them on my cheeks and pats them gently. He was comforting me. So sweet.  I am going to start crying now."   Tears were filling up her eyes, and then of course, my tears started, too.

If you are a grandparent, more than likely, you know about this special connection . Especially, if you have been there from day one as this nurse and I have both been privledged to be. We both were in attendance at the births and babysit on a regular basis (along with working twenty-four plus hours a weeks.)

Me oh grandchildren love me and I love them.

This is the kind of love that listens and senses emotions. This is grandparent love that has a little more time and a little more experience to know that this moment is... fleeting. We know we missed some of these tender exchanges with our own children and this time we will maybe, hopefully be in the moment.

The baby is so soft.

When I'm watching fourteen-month Brody. I am not just babysitting him, I am really ....watching Brody, his many moves, facial expressions and the tiny things he does and says. 

The other day Brody was unloading a basket of clean towels on the floor when he came across my night shirt. He picked it up and went over to my dresser drawer where it belonged. He opened the drawer and put it away!  I had no idea that he knew where it went! Marveled by his action, I thanked him with a little kiss on his cheek.

While I am watching Brody, he is watching me. He wants to help his grandma and see her smile. He wants to keep her young, keep her moving, keep her guessing.  He is always happy to see me, and he knows I feel the same about him.  I rarely turn on the TV when he is here and he doesn't want it on either. Our time together is about us and what we can learn today, be it a word, a song or a new game. We also know how to give each other space to explore. Brody will look at his book and I will look at mine.  Sometimes we are  quiet in the room. Quietly being together.

That's the nature of grandmothering. Don't you agree?

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