Friday, January 15, 2010

Creating Clues

Kenzie's favorite game at my house is Pictionary Junior.

 It's so much better than a roll the dice and move ahead two squares typical issue.  It takes thinking and drawing.  Creating. Kenz also likes Pictionary because you are either right or wrong. No wrong guesses.

  I don't think we even play it according to the directions. We play our way. It's about clues. Try and guess the right word.

                             egg                  tea                   flag                   balloon

Seven-year-olds are developing their writing and drawing skills. Holding a pencil or pen becomes easier and the child may be able to write the alphabet and several words. Vocabulary continues to grow and while they are increasingly aware of the world around them, things still tend to be processed as black or white, this or that - ambiguity is not a comfortable condition for a seven-year-old.  (

Definiton of ambiguity

n. doubtfulness, incertitude, vagueness, double meaning; see uncertainty

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Anonymous said...

Nana, Tell her I love her pictures!!!!! Amazing. Love, ant Jean

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