Monday, January 4, 2010


The tree is back in the hall closet in a big tall box next to the vacuum cleaner.  There's not a tich of holiday decor in sight. Oh, except for the plastic Santa water shaker and the little white doog (Brody's word for dog) with the Santa hat. Other than that Christmas has gone bye bye.

Thank you, thank you all for your Christmas gifts and cards.  Ant Jean, the scented Crayola markers and the card stock to make cards were a hit. Brody is learning to use crayons. Kenz is already on her way to being a famous artist.

 A few days after New Years, I received this card (below) with a special request inside.

That very same night Kenz and I had a great time playing Pictionary in bed for an hour before lights off!

Sister Neci, thank you for the book If You Give A Pig .... and the softest pig ever.  Your gifts are inspiring. I love my candle and the Frango Mints from Macy's.  (Oh, maybe I better have one now.) Dee-lish 

Where we live it's seventy degrees and the sun is shining bright. This afternoon, after I pick Kenz up from Montessori, we are meeting Brody and his dad at the park. It will be his first time to the big park and Kenz's first time to go with him to the park. Life is full of firsts.

I've been to the park at least a hundred times, but for grandma everything old is new again.

There's so much to learn from a cousin. So many new and wonderful adventures to come!

Happy New Year to All!

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