Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recycled Fun

Brody and I like pizza. About once a week, we have the Organic three cheese hand tossed imported from Italy Pizza from Trader Joes. It bakes on the oven rack in 10 minutes. While it's cooking Brody and I study the box it comes in. The words pizza, cheese and delicious (and.. it ta lee) will soon be added to his vocabulary. I can't wait to hear him pronounce them.

Kenzie loved pizza, too.  This picture was taken in early February 2004.

High chairs, trikes, sandboxes and slides.  These items resurfaced in my life seven years ago.  Before Kenz,  decades had passed that we didn't  have a baby or a small child in the house, that is other than a few visitors.

Children add a whole new perspective to life. I can't imagine how different life would be without them. They bring magic to the moments. Not to mention smiles and laughter!!

 Michelle and Mike  (Nana's children in 1983)

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