Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Boy Green

For the past two weeks Daba has been putting in  a lawn  at Brody's new house.  I'm sure my son and his wife are supremely grateful.   Brody loves the grass at Nana and Daba's house.

We don't have a whole lot of grass in our corner of the world. Mostly there is rocks and dust and dust and rocks. And cactus. This is why grass is special. Grass is cool. You can run on it. You can kick a ball on it. You can BE on it.

Grass. (Even when grass is not in the shade, grass is cool.)

I haven't been up to the new house to see the new lawn. I know Daba's back has been bothering him. He put in the sprinklers and the timer and all the other things that go with grass. It has been ...labor intensive.

Another green thing Daba has been doing lately is--- growing corn. This too is an oddity in the desert. He got the corn seeds from a farmer friend of his in the Midwest. He planted them in nice straight rows.They are seeding now. In July they just might be... knee high. (I think they will be taller)  Daba has tried growing corn before. I thought it was a corny idea when he decided to do it again. Maybe this time the cobs will be edible.  It's looking good. Not only that....

Brody plays in the cornfields... lol ...

Green is good.

Green is gorgeous.

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Susan Adcox said...

Love the cap!

Yes, grass is much kinder to little knees and feet than dirt and rocks. I know the grandkids should wear shoes, but there's nothing like going barefoot in the grass!

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