Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clay Day

I love the bright colors in this flower Kenz made. I am going to put it in my hutch.
   It's very fragile, a collectable.

Kenz has two more days of Clay Class. She has made quite a few unique pieces. I was hoping she would give me the one above and--- she did.  It's a nice decoration that could hold change or earrings.

Drama class ends on Friday, too. But not before the show for the parents/families. Kenz is THE NARRATOR. At first she was upset that she wasn't a charactor. Now it seems the narrator has privledges. Nana, I don't have to wear a costume and I get to make wierd faces when I talk.

I can't wait. The play is about when the wolf goes before the judge (something like that.) I heard Kenz telling Daba that it is not Little red's wolf, but the three pigs wolf, the one that blew down the houses.

BTW ...We had a storm here the other night that almost blew down the house. It's our exciting Monsoon season. The hard part is when the thunder wakes you up and the electricity goes out. Noise and heat. Sleepless and sweaty.  Oh well, July will fly.

I'm am so happy Kenz is learning and laughing, in spite of the heat.


Grandma Shelley said...

I love the clay projects. I just pulled out a couple pieces of art that my youngest daughter who is nearly 21 made when she was very young. I plan to frame them and put them in my toy room.

I also had a clay leaf that she made one time and I used it for quite some time to hold little trinkets on my bathroom vanity.

It just makes you fill good to see themm daily and know that little hands we love created the little masterpieces!

Susan Adcox said...

Kenz is very talented! She's lucky to have a family who nurtures her gifts.

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