Monday, August 2, 2010

A Slice of Heaven

Kenz's Collage

Today was definitely a Play Wit Me Nana kinda day.  Brody's mom brought him over around the usual time of 7:30 AM. We ate some of Baba's eggs and waffles and  then  read some books. After that, we talked. We had some catching up to do cause I haven't seen Bro Bro since last Thursday. We talked about his new sandals and a new outfit he got from his dad's cousin Lara. I then told Brod that I was taking him to MY GYM (actually his gym) this morning. He nodded his head and smiled his incredible smile. He didn't know that he was in for a really fun day. It was gonna be his first time to Waddler class. He was at MY GYM for a birthday party a long long time ago, when he was still crawling. We went over to Kenz's house and honked. She came bouncing out of the house, all happy and excited for Brody.

 Here's one of the many short videos I took for Bro's mommy and daddy. 

We left the MY GYM and had a Taco Bell lunch in the car, with the air conditioner on, next to a group of lavender bushes covered in bees.  Nana, bees, Brody said. The three of us were fascinated with the little buzzers sticking their whole bodies inside the tiny flower buds. I kept checking to make sure the windows were rolled up.  

After lunch, it was back to Nanas for some free play. The playroom was sufficiently a wreck by the time Brod's dad picked him up. Then Kenz and I ...creamed it. We got out the Ant Jean collage box to make a decoupe collage. Kenz decided on desserts as her subject and mine is below. It is my vision board. Oprah once had an article at her site about creating a vision board. The idea is to put all the good things you want in your life... in pictures. You then put it in a spot where you view it frequently. The good things will come to you. Oh I forgot to tell you, Kenz and I baked some Trader Joe gluten free wheat free soy free ... everything but taste good free brownies. She did all the measuring, mixing, and  pouring. The brownies baked while we snipped and pasted. 

 (click to see pics up close)  Look at grandma. She has a pen in her hand.
Grandma likes to write. :)

  The watches mean lots of time to do all the things I love to do.

 Today I got some of my visions. Today was a little bit heavenly.


Grandma Shelley said...

I love those "slice of Heaven" kind of days!

denise said...

I love your vision board! I have done those with students and now plan to do it again in the first few weeks back. Thanks for reminding me. Maybe collaging is in our genes?
Your day does sound wonderful! Love you. kisses and hugs to the kids,

Anonymous said...

Con, The video clip is not on the blog!! At least not on my computer. WTF????? Ready for collaging!!! Woo Hoo. Love, Ant jean

Susan Adcox said...

The vision board is a great idea, and it's a great one to share with grandchildren. It's never too early to start teaching them that if they want something, they start by visualizing it.

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