Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lunch Bunch

A step stool is not for stepping.
 Today will be Brody's first day of Lunch Bunch. This means he will be staying an extra hour and a half at preschool. The plan is for him to bring his new Toy Story lunch box and enjoy eating with the other two's. After they eat the children go outside to play. I'm hoping  he's ready to do this. He has adapted well to his two mornings a week. No more frying. (His word for crying.) What I'm really hoping is that he has a.... blast.

This is new leap for both of us. After almost two and a half-years I am used to having him with me for three mornings a week, now it will be two.

 I will be putting Tuesdays to good use, working somedays and other days doing nothing. (Nothing in a buzy grandparent's life is really something!)

Here I go
Today, I am blogging the morning away and I'm almost tempted to go and lunch bunch with him. I know better. If I go there today he'll expect me to be there every week!

Brody is spreading his wings.

I know his mom and dad are feeling the same as me, a little anxious.

 I'll call Brody and his dad when they get home and see how his day went.  Now I better get started on mine!


Grandma Kc said...

They grow up so quickly! He is soooo cute! Hope his lunch was wonderful and that Nana didn't miss him tooooo much!

Grandma Lizzie's House said...

It's always hard to give your children and grandchildren the opportunity for new experiences because we don't want to see them fail or get hurt. But it's just part of growing up.

Susan Adcox said...

When my daughter was trying to decide whether to keep her youngest daughter in preschool, her oldest daughter told her that she had loved preschool. Her mom was surprised because there was frequent reluctance to go and occasional "frying." My granddaughter assured her mom that she was always fine once the transition was done, and that she has wonderful memories of her preschool experiences. I am sure that your grandson will, too.

chelsea said...

Cute kid! Nice blog, Keep posting!

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Nona Nita said...

These are the times that it helps to remember one of my favorite quotes:
"The most precious gifts we can give our children are roots and wings". Don't know who coined it, but it has helped me through many days when I felt like "frying" from missing my kids.

Lucille29 said...

very cute baby..
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