Monday, May 9, 2011

Green in San Fran

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.

Kenz and her mom down by the Wharf.
 Our San Francisco trip was almost hard to believe three weeks ago!

 Kenzie was going to do a blog when she was here last Friday, but we got busy with other things. It was more important that we picked out her summer school classes (before they were filled) and then there was her piano lesson, fresh air time out in the yard and dinner. (Ya gotta eat!) Her mom was out in front honkin for her right after dinner. So there went her blog time.

Anyhow, on the menu for Kenzie's summer 'school'  is Drama, Tennis, Dance, Monet, All About France, Computer Science and Hogwart Online. Wow. Such a well-rounded meal. These classes are offered through our local public school SAFE summer program. This will be Kenzie girl's third year attending. She is so excited about the Hogwart class. It was full... but Nana got her in. Leave it to a Nana. We are so cool.

What Kenz was gonna blog about were the green smoothies we had for breakfast at Ant Jeans. When I picked Kenz up from school on Friday (before all the things we needed to do) we discussed the ingredients.

You have to have a Vita-Mix
"Do you remember what Ant Jean put in them?"

Sure Nana, There was parsley and spinach and carrots and pineapple, a little almond milk and walnuts and whatever else you have in your fridge.

What a bright girl to remember how to make them. She is so cool.

Green all over

Toasting our morning blast


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Susan Adcox said...

How awesome that Kenzie gets to take such wonderful classes through her own school! I wish my grandkids' schools offered something similar. We have a lot of cool classes for kids in the area, but most of them are around an hour's drive away, and then there are some fairly hefty fees. With the high cost of fuel, they aren't going to be able to do many of them this summer.

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