Thursday, August 11, 2011


Kenz starts back to school next Monday. She will love seeing all her friends again. Brody will do his two pre-school mornings a week starting next Thursday.  It's been a busy summer vacation with the move. I'm settling in like a seed in warm soil. Our new place is a two-story. Brody has named it the step house.
Brody loves those rubbery things that expand in water. This is a lizard and dragon. Santa Claus is in there too! We keep a little of Christmas alive all year long.

Kenzie picked these out for Brody to drop in water. A
surprize sea animal in every capsule.

Dolphins, Sharks, Lobsters and Octopus

Growing Marigolds with the Crayola Kit

Kenz let Brody pour the water.

Then carefully removes the excess.

Other things blooming....

My lellow hibiscus

Kenz teaching Brody how to use the Leap Frog pen.

Kenz reading Amelia Bedelia to Brody.

So FUN to watch things grow!


Angeline said...

Oh yes... and among all, it brings greater joy to see the children growing up with inquisitive minds, always exploring, always learning. *smile*

Susan Adcox said...

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoy your "step house"! Cute pics of the grands.

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