Friday, October 21, 2011

The Real Thing

I'm starting to think that Kenzie is going to be the famous writer I once hoped to be.  At the young age of eight, almost nine, she loves to sit and type her thoughts into stories. And she can type. My guess is she's clicking along at close to 25 words a minute.  A major factor contributing to the love of expressing herself is her love of reading.

Kenz has discovered that she likes to read more than one book at a time. She has a system. She'll read a chapter of each one during her reading times staying with a book longer if she's really absorbed. Her preference is to stay with a series, until it is completed. She seems to be naturally disciplined with this practice and has several series waiting in the wings of her bookshelf.

The picture above was taken a month ago. Currently, she is reading the seventh of the Harry Potter's. She's done with American Girl Kit and is onto Molly.  She likes to have a classic going, too!  Kenz not only loves collecting books, she loves reading them.  She will tell you FICTION RULES.  I tease her back with NON FICTION RULES and we go back and forth.

          Last week this is what Kenz was reading?   Can you guess which book Nana is reading?

If you guessed Transitions, you are right. I'm not as organized in my reading as Kenz. I skip around, underline and put books down for awhile. You can do that with Non-Fiction. I am reading others on my Kindle. One that I just finished and I recommend is The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever In An Age of Less. The author is John Robbins. Yes, he is related to 31 Flavors. Another of my Kindle treasures is The Next Fifty Years: A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond, by Pamela D. Blair.  

I do like reading some fiction. I know I will be reading Kenzie's.  She's the real thing!

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Susan Adcox said...

An inspiring post! Tell Kenz I am proud of her. In my opinion, nothing leads to success in school like being a reader. Also I'm proud that she doesn't leave out the classics. Hoping to see her books in the bookstore some day!

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