Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nine Sweet Years

My Kenzie grand girl is turning NINE this week! 

My inspiration
a song sung pink
a smile so quick

She is...
so alive 
so sweet 
so neat
this girl 
this girl
this grand 
grand girl.

Kenzie wit her beautiful mommy.
I love this one. The brand new grandma. I loved my blue room ! Look at mommy's smile.
I remember being freaked out about the first bath. I had forgotten how to do it. I looked up the instructions in a book. Daba was there making sure she wasnn't  going under.
Look at Kenzie's Uncle Mi Mi! He is now Super Dad to Brody. 
Nana Nine years younger.... celebrating Christmas with our precious package.
Pink wit  Rosebuds Princess Girl!
Those first magical days in the Crib... 

Daba's trick to get Kenz to Nanee (pronounced NAH-KNEE)
Walk in circle around the kitchen island with the water running full blast.
I don't know who enjoyed this more him or the baby?

The sweetest Princess Bride you'll ever meet!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Susan Adcox said...

These pictures are adorable! I especially like the blue room one. Happy birthday, Kenz!

Grandma Shelley said...

Happy 9th Birthday Kenz! They grow up way too fast.

denise said...

Such a sweet posting and pictures. This site is such a tribute to the kids. They will have a living set of memories to access their whole life- what a gift....XOXO to Nana and Daba

Nana Connie said...

Hi Neecer, thanks for the comment .. love it. love you

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