Monday, December 26, 2011

Annual Musts

I cannot believe how fast the year went!  Today I had my annual eye exam.  There is some law somewhere that requires contac lens wearers to see the Optometrist once a year. The visit then allows  a purchase of a twelve month supply of contacs.  I felt like I was sitting in that chair, getting the puffs of air in the eyes (to check for glaucoma) a couple of months ago, but my chart showed that it was December of 2010.  At least my eyes didn't change this year. They see the same.

The days speed by, too! It's dawn, then it's dusk, then it's dark.  I've heard 'old' people say this happens. I'm feeling it! I remember when a year was a long stretch of months ahead. Without a doubt my years supply of contacs will be gone before I know it.

Christmas day... has come and gone.  I think it's smart that we start getting ready for the holidays right after Halloween instead of after Thanksgiving, like in the olden days.  Nowadays, everything moves so fast...

Kenzer is almost as tall as me! 
Brody had a blast with the inflatibles!  He absolutely loves these things!

What a nice Christmas we had! This year we went to my son's and daughter-in-law's house. (Thanks guys!)  Daba still did the cooking.  He made the best prime rib... ever.  Our same gang was there again... my niece Lara, sister-in-law Rita, Nana Sandy, Gabe (Kenzie's dad), Shelley, (Kenzie's mom), Mike (my son) and his wife Jodi. And the stars of the show... of course... Kenz and Brody.

Our family has well-established annual traditions. Last Christmas we did the same format. Rita's for Christmas Eve.  Then Daba makes the Christmas dinner. Not only did we do it this way last Christmas, but every Christmas since 1990, after Daba's mother passed away.  She had Christmas at her house for many years.

Sort of like a contac lenses exam, there is some law somewhere that says... our family must gather at the appointed times, eat wonderful treats, exchange gifts, eat a nice dinner, play with the new toys (this year was Wii games). Traditions are essential. My children wouldn't know any different. They never had a year without the tree, the presents, the family, the Christmas dinner.  Now they are passing these traditions to their kids!

Time may be slipping away, but it's good to have a way to package it up and experience it the same time, same station year in and year out! Variations on theme are of course just fine.  It's the doing of something, anything to mark the holidays that help us to stop the clock for a moment and see things in a new light!

And a good time was had by all!
Winnie and Tigger were at the neighbor's house last year. Brody was thrilled that they came back this season! 


Susan Adcox said...

I think you are right about starting Christmas after Halloween. Otherwise, the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are horrible! This coming year, I'm going to make even more of an effort to buy gifts all year so that I can do all the Christmasy things at the last minute instead of shopping. I didn't get to take my grands to see the Christmas lights or to see any Christmas movies because I had too much to do! But we had a great Christmas.

Susan Adcox said...

Yeah, yeah, it's usually four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it feels like less! (See comment below!)

Anonymous said...
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