Thursday, January 12, 2012

New! I like New!

New Year ... new things to do!

Here's a brief sketch of Kenzie's (age 9) current life activities...Montessori School, After School Spanish, Soccer (All Stars),  Piano lessons,  and Sunday School.  Oh and Brownies Group! Am I forgetting anything?

When she is at Nana and Daba's she's writing stories, reading, putzing around.. looking at the stuff Nana has nooked, or like yesterday she did an art project and began the makings of a collage.

I took this one in the car yesterday and she took the one of me  on the side bar.   First pictures since  Christmas. The first pics in the NEW year.
When Kenz is with her dad she's watching sports, walking the dogs, watching daddy cook dinner or reading. With Mommy she does homework, plays board games (Rummykins, Apples to Apples, Headbanz and others). She also watches some TV and  plays the Wii games (tennis, bowling, Michael Jackson dance).  In her room she plays Barbies, American Girl dolls and music on her CD player or MP3. She keeps her room nice and neat, folds her laundry and just about everyday writes in her journal about the very things I've mentioned above.

What an incredible girl she is! I love the fact that her life is full and meaningful. She has good friends at school and although there are the tensions between girls at this age she is quick to forgive and move on. Yesterday when I picked her up from aftercare (oh yeah another activity) she had good-bye hugs for just about everyone on the playground. She is tall and strong, beautiful, healthy and smart.

Brody had to say good-bye to Santa, but guess what! Christmas is coming again this year. Yeah Nana, we are going to have Christmas again!  He loved loved loved the whole holiday season!
And Brody (age 3) is a busy guy, too. He 's in preschool two mornings a week.  He still  has a couple of half-days at Nanas. We play puppet show, read books, take walks, play matching games, color, paint and all that fun stuff. He likes to ride his bike here and at home, go to the park with his parents, play computer games and go to the Movie Theater. His parents told me he sat through the Chipmunk movie and a couple others during the holiday season.  He wants to take Nan to the movie. "What movie you wanna see Nana?" Oh what a cute, smart, happy, calm boy my grandson is!

So that leaves one more person I want to tell you about. Me! I am working three days a week as an RN in a Rehab hospital. For exercise, I am working out a the gym once a week.  My body builder son is giving me some coaching on proper form and I am using the principles in the book Body By Science.   I am also doing some day walks (the weather has been awesome), reading, resting, writing,  and eating dinners with Daba. The highlight of my week is my new writing class... for Poetry and Fiction writing. I'm loving getting the motivation to write and write and write....

 So excited about the new year ahead!  I hope you are too!  Happy New Year!


Grandma Kc said...

Kenzie certainly looks like her Grandma! Cute pictures. Hope it is a wonderful year.

Susan Adcox said...

Wow! The grands are off to a great start, but so are you! Kudos for doing something good for mind and body.

Ludwig said...
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