Sunday, June 22, 2014

Five Minute Purple Bomb Green Smoothie!


Nowadays everyone make green smoothies. To the zillion or so recipes on the Web I now contribute this one. What makes it somewhat unique is that it gets purple bombed with blueberries. Let's begin. It takes about five minutes to prepare. You can get this big bucket of baby kale medley at the big box store. I like that it's ORGANIC and it's already washed.

I use Coconut Milk. Trader Joe's is affordable. UNSWEETENED is best. To the cup or so of
the cold coconut milk I add two handfuls of greens.

Then a half of an ORGANIC avocado. This makes it creamy. Do not add the seed.

Ahhhh! This is the prettiest green color. I almost hate to ruin it but....

there's magic in the blueberries.... FROZEN sweet purple balls. You have heard of photo bombs
right? Kenzie taught me it's when you are taking a selfie and somewhat sticks their head in front of
the shot. Here goes............
 Not  visually appetizing but delicious. Forget about Red Bulls the Purple Bomb does it! One last ingredient for that tad of protein and fiber. Add...

I use a plastic throwaway cup so I don't have to clean it.  What a way to the start the day!

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