Monday, June 16, 2014

                                                                            Play Wit Me Ant Jean!

Today, a few minutes before 9 AM,  I was walking the block and half from my car to the building where I work.  It must have been the humidity and the breeze combined making me feel I was in summer as a child.  I stayed with it, feeling grateful for having that experience in my being. Summer was the season of freedom, especially growing up in Chicago where winters were cold and scheduled.

I think as adults we sometimes go through times when we make our lives this way. Days without freedom, full of complaints, fears, worries, and schedules that make us forget the playfulness available in every moment. This is  one of  the lessons I share in the little book of poems I just finished putting together. The book will be available on in the next week or so.

The name of my book :) is  Was That A Breeze? I started writing it in May of last year and about half way through decided to self-publish it.  At the time, I was doing the above, living many of my days complaining, working way too much overtime, feeling hemmed in, feeling that yucky thing called resentment  that oftentimes tends to creep in with a full time job. Then one morning, I started a new habit of sitting in the yard early each day. Little did I know my quiet time with my green spiral notebook would turn into lessons full of inspiration and joy. Each time I had a moment similar to the one I had this morning I held onto to it, savored it and wrote it down. The poems are my very own. I purposely did not share them with my 'writer' friends. In Was That A Breeze? there are fifty five short poems. I also included some  photos I took  throughout the summer. The book will be in  Kindle format and a slim paperback.

The photo above is grand Ant Jean, my sister and grand aunt to Kenzie and Brody. I'm not going to tell her age but it doesn't matter she knows how to play! She has the best laugh!  There is a little poem about Jean in Was That A Breeze?  I'm very excited to share it with my family and friends and all of you. Now that it is finished, I wish it well!

 I hope you're all having a playful June.

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