Tuesday, July 15, 2014

About My Book, Was That A Breeze?

The Kindle book has pictures in color, the print book black and white.

 Today I Wish is one of the short poems from my book Was That A Breeze?

Tomorrow  I plan to put the Amazon and Kindle link to  Was That A Breeze? here on my blog.  This book is not literary genius, but thoughts I wrote during the summer of 2013.  Now that it is in print, of course, I want to make changes. But no, it will go out into the universe, grow up and have a life of it's own. 
Just so ya know, I do write other poems, longer ones, not in the first person, ones other writers critique, chop up, say, "I don't get it." These are my ongoing projects that will one day find the way into  a book.
The ones in this book Was That A Breeze? are thoughts, short and raw, not critiqued, not work shopped.
These poems are sometimes so short and so simple it makes me wonder why I wanted to publish them to such a big world. It's been said the people closest to you will be your biggest critics. But, in retrospect, I did write these thoughts for the ones closest to me (although most live far.)  And as I said  in my book's introduction, my husband Louis liked them. This was a wonderful discovery all in itself. For a guy that doesn't believe in Facebook, he encouraged me to publish them! Life is full of twists and turns! I also learned that self-publishing really is fun! But aside from that, this project would not let go of me.

The summer of 2013 gave me many blessings.  I learned so much just sitting in the backyard, synthesizing. Some would call in meditating. I like to think of it as tossing around thoughts, catching them like the lightening bugs of summer.  (Summer Light Saved In A Jar  07.28.) 
Ultimately, my hope is that others will find inspiration, relief from summer heat, freedom from stress and glimpses of living without negative thinking. 
There is plenty of room on the pages of my book pages to write your own thoughts that come in the breeze. Maybe someday you'll publish them too! 
Today I Wish
No time left
for you my
morning I have
ta go ta

Oh sun, birds, sky,
Scaly and my precious
grandson Brody
have fun
as you romp and play
another summer day
without me!

I wish
I could be
more places
at the same time!                                             08.02  


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