Monday, August 11, 2014

Aiming High and Exceeding

RC Gorman from the seventies and Kenzie writing a poem
to hang on the wall for sixth grade parent's night

Yesterday, Kenz brought over her AIMS scores from last year.  She opened the sealed envelope. We were seeing her scores for the first time.
 Wow Nana, look at this!
Math, Reading, and Writing..... EXCEEDS THE STANDARDS. 
I wasn't really surprised. Kenzie is so brainy and a good test taker. I was surprised when she told me, I don't know how I did so well on the Writing section. 
700 possible. She got 672.  EXCEEDS THE STANDARD
Well let's read what this means baby girl. (I still call her my baby girl) Performance Levels  from the key. 1. Falls below the standards 2. Approaches the standard 3. Meets the standard. And ...
4.  Exceeds the Standard
Students who score at this level show skillful performance in written communication as evidenced by performing beyond the achievement goal for all students. Students who perform a this level consistently demonstrate the ability to identify  and apply superior written communication by exhibiting a strong command of language including : clear, controlled ideas and organization, wide sentence variety and impressive control of voice, conventions and word choice.
Purpose of the AIMs 3-8 is administer to determine a student degree for competency in Arizona Academic Standards for writing, reading and mathematics and science. AIMS meets both the federal and state assessment requirements. The data derived from AIMS is used to guide instruction and measure school performance.

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