Friday, September 5, 2014

Painted Carousel


September is Brody's birthday month! Six years old! The holidays begin on his birthday! Then we go  full swing into Halloween, Kenz's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas..... little lighted celebrations strung together with smiles and oh ya cooler nights. Tommorrow I begin a new poetry class at a place I've never taken a class at before .I am so excited. I better get to stepping, get to work. You know how much I love Friday. This week Friday was here quicker because of Labor Day.  In my free :) time I'm doing the free Yale class Modern Poetry. So cool. Check out all the available free Yale classes on the sidebar of Nana's Rockin Links.  There's never a reason to be without a class! Learning makes the world go round. Poems are my painted carousel, taking me up and down on a nice ride round my days. As I said a few minutes ago, I have to run!

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