Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Best Habits

            Went to the doctor last weekend; did a five mile walk with Kenzie and her friend. But,
I don't want to be a weekend warrior.  With a fulltime job, I had to (pardon the pun) figure out how granny can keep herself in top notch condition. Over the years, I have found these habits to be the best ---for me.  For now, they are my habits. (Changing up habits is also a good habit.)

1. Jumping on a Trampoline. Jumping everyday for at least two songs. My favorite this week--- the Allman Brothers band, but almost anything on my ancient of days IPOD gets me going. Anything, but maybe not A Bridge Over Troubled Waters. That song could cause leg cramps. Bouncing on the mini-tramp jiggles the lymph. We must jiggle our lymph. Unlike the cardiovascular network the lymph vessels are propelled by muscles squeezing them. This leads me  to my second love.

2. Walking. Walk and the world walks with you. Couch and go couch alone. Walking is the best! Some days I have only enough time to go around the block once or twice. Other days it's a canyon walk. Walking prevents everything you never ever want to get. Strokes for one. You can google the studies: there is a big dip in the number of strokes for women, just because they walk.  I walk to and fro to my car in the parking lot. I walk the stairs, the stores.  I never ride when I can walk.

3. Reading Grain Brain and the Paleo Solution. My very fit, very buff, natural body builder son does not agree with me on this one, but in my way of thinking a calorie is not a calorie.  I feel like p_  __ p, if I eat white bread, milk products, cookies, cake etc.  I mean I will have them occasionally, but I won't buy them. I will not let soda pop pass my lips, unless I am desperate and need it to help me burp.  Keeping the two titles above,  bedside, reminds me why refined carbs are plain yucky.

4. Doing the Weights   There are zillions of You Tube videos of arm workouts. I found four that serve me well. I really do not want my granny arms to get  any--- well--- any grannier. Slackers no slacking. Get back to where you once belonged. The video--- 5-minute pop candy arms is my favorite this month.  I do have a gym membership, limited by my own lack of use,  My next habit in vitro is to get there more often. I do like a few of the machines. like chest press, lat pull down, triceps rope.  I am now reminding myself  how great I feel when I walk out of the gym into the dark parking lot  the white lights shining on me, feeling relaxed all over.

5. Pilates, very occasionally. Used to be a strong habit of mine. Maybe I will revive it. I have several CD's. T-tapp is a another habit on the back burner. That work-out never stuck like glue, but some of it is incorporated in my stance, tuck your butt. chest out  push those shoulders down.

Share your habits. Sharing makes them strongr!
I believe they help to keep us out of the office (the doctors!)

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A grandchild's smile  cures all!

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