Friday, March 4, 2016


Friday again. YES!

How did it ever come to this? Waiting for the weekend?  Not that the job is awful. It's not. I love parts of my job. Some I could do without, like sitting in front of a computer for long bouts of time. With the exception of blogging and writing, sedentary is not me. At work I move by taking frequent walks up and down the stairwell.

My office is on the 4th floor so to go down to the basement is five flights, 12 steps to a flight. Sometimes I do it several times in a day. Refreshing. I despise the elevator!

And I got a good poem out of the stairwell. It will be in my next book. If you've ever been to Cardiff by the Sea or Carlsbad or Oceanside, you know about the beach steps. When I do the stairwell, I dream the beach steps.
A visit with Joe the morning after  his surprise birthday party in 2012
Anything can be reimagined. The cafeteria has proven this. They put new toppings next to the oatmeal, named it  Oatmeal Reimagined. It's a pleasure to eat it, crunchy, nutty, sweet, warm, creamy.  We aren't in Oatmeal Ville, Dorothy!
The deliciousness of creativity
This week in my reading travels I read an article about being grateful for-- three things a day. The writer suggested feeling the gratitude connected with the experience, person or thing. The writer stated that in doing this you will be--- transformed.  Journaling the gratefulness you FEEL, then brings more things to be grateful for to your experience. Give it a try. And now I will close wit Wine Reimagined
This fantastic wine was waiting for us after a long hike (many miles up a mountain) in Tuscany.
Joe and Suzanne. So grateful for having gone on that trip to Italy in 2009.
 Imagining a great weekend. YES!

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