Friday, June 25, 2010

Water logging

One very hot afternoon three years ago, when Kenz was four, Mr. Misty was born. He came out of the hose in a million droplets. He was cold like a sno cone and smooth as ice cream. All that summer we enjoyed him, then he disappeared, until last Tuesday.

Brody had just gotten out of his blue swimming hole when I picked up the hose and asked him, "Do you want a Mr. Misty?" He nodded his cute little head and smiled a big yes even though he had no idea who or what he was going to get. I pressed the nozzle and misted him till he laughed out loud. He didn't want to say good-bye to our friend in the hose until he was soaked and covered in goosebumps.

These moments of  spontaneous fun are what I love about babysitting my darling twenty-one month old grandson.

 I am also so grateful to have the opportunity to watch Brody read stories I have read to him. (Strega Nona will come later).

He is beginning to talk. When he 'reads' he uses sounds, hand gestures and single words to tell himself the story.  I love observing his brain remembering the story from the pictures.

 Brody reading Thirsty Baby

Thirsty Baby is the story of a baby who can't get enough to drink. It's actually a silly poem that sometimes get stuck in my head when I'm thirsty.  He started wth a sip and he finished with a sup and the water in the sea he drank it all up. As an added bonus....there's a grandma and a grandpa in the book. Back in the day it was one of Kenzie's favorite.

All this talk about water is making me want to go get my water bottle. Stay cool! Stay hydrated!


Grandma Shelley said...

Playing in the water is always a winning activity. I have not replaced my missing kiddy pool yet and last time my 4 year old grandson was here he "swam" in a rubbermaid tote with another tote right next to it for his boats. I don't think he felt the least bit crowded because he invited me to join him!

Grandma Kc said...

Anytime you combine kids, water and Grandma you are bound to have a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing.

Ken and Joanne said...

I remember the fun I had playing in the lawn sprinklers when I was a little boy. It's too bad I grew too dignified to have any fun. But I'm thinking about being a little kid again.

Moni said...

Loved readiing this thank you

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