Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering Grandma Peg

Granny Peg

This is my mom's mom in her mink in the late 1950's. That's my sister Jean admiring her. I was hiding behind Peg. My dad was probably trying to get a picture of  her alone. Jean and I never wanted to leave her alone. She meant so much to both of us. We loved being at her house.  She was our respite away from my parents house, which by the time this photo was taken, was full of 'little kids'. Jean eventually became the eldest of nine. I was second born. 

 Peg was a grammar school teacher. She was probably still working when this was taken. What a wonderful house she had. I can walk through the rooms in my mind. She had a walk-in pantry and an enclosed back porch. She had soft fluffy beds, Venetian blinds, wood floors and a davenport. There was an attic and a basement, crystal doorknobs, drafts, tiny black and white bathroom tiles, an ice box and out back--- big trees, squirrels and an alley. Granny Peg's house was spack dab in the middle of the city. My parents lived in the burbs. 

On weekend jaunts the three of us took the 79th Street Express Bus all the way downtown to Marshall Fields. We hung out at the Elizabeth Arden counter. I can still smell the face powder and red lipstick. We had great lunches in the Garden Room, and then ate as many as we wanted Fannie Mae Mint Meltaways for dessert. Later, back at Granny's house we ate lots of Fannie Mae Turtles while watching the Telly, (TV) propped up like queens in quilts and flannels furnished by our loving granny. 

My mom is in the middle, on her left is Grandma Angie, my dad's mom and Peg is on her right. There was always a baby or toddler nearby. Both my grandma's were in our lives throughout our childhood.

That's my aunt Denise, my mother's sister. She had four boys (  many many years after this) Granny Peg was probably babysitting while my parent's were away to Hawaii or California. We called Denise Big D. (Very sad---Big D and Granny Peg both died of esophageal cancer.)  Jean (holding up five fingers) and I have many memories together, more than a half a century's worth.  Convertibles were so cool. So were we in our sunshades. This was taken in front of our suburban digs.

                                                                          A summer day up at the lake.
 Peg must have come up to help my mom. Here she is darning a sock (maybe not) and yikes... smoking a cig. Look at that shock of white hair. I  have some letters she wrote me after my daughter was born in the late 70's. This picture was taken in the late 50's. I'm so glad my dad was a photography buff.  One of my younger brothers put all the 'slides' on a disk. Thanks John.  (John is the baby in the pic below)

Granny Peg had  babysitting cut out for her. This was taken at her house. Look at the child on the back of the 'davenport'. She looks like a doll. How bout the one crammed in the corner, (crying?) There are seven kids in this picture. My mom was probably at the hospital having another.  I am the one to the left of Jean, who was sitting right next to grandma Peg. I look relaxed. That's good. All those people around all the time, I cannot imagine.

Making memories on Memorial Day 2011.


Grandma Kc said...

What a wonderful story and such great memories. And now, you are the Grandma making memories!

Susan Adcox said...

Grandma Peg sounds like a pistol! You were very fortunate to have her in your life.

denise said...

Connie- Well done. These memories lifted my heat. I too have wonderful (but different) memories of her when she lived in Oak Lawn. She missed her city ways but always made me feel "classy" and loved. Thanks for sharing these.

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