Sunday, June 10, 2007

Playroom Poem

Clutter created by
a designer of motion,
hours of travel
deep as the ocean.

Too many puzzles
so many pieces,
a basket of plastic
the mess never ceases.

A Shrek and a Dora
have gone to
the store,
while Barbie
breathes dust
asleep on the floor.

Picture books cry
they wave from
the shelf,
Bye bye to the baby
come hug Santa's elf.

Playroom is yelling
stomping it's feet,
says, "I go crazy
if things are too neat."

It's then that the toys
who are trying to rest,
hear bird's singing loudly
outside of the nest.

"Hurry and play"
are the notes of
that unending song,
for one thing is certain
your time is not long.

Nana Connie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Con, This poem is so nice. I hope many people read it. Love Sister Ant Jean

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