Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nana Put The Kettle On.

High Tea
Low Tea

"Tea is special to those of us at Old Fashioned Living. We feel that taking a break for tea helps us to slow down, reflect and stop the often hurried pace of our lives. Giving tea parties helps us to celebrate our friendships, teach our children manners and create memories that we will treasure forever. Whether it's a cup of tea and a simple plate of cookies between two friends or an elaborate high tea for honored guests, it's a special time for all involved. Brew a cup of tea and stay awhile with us."

The above link is a grand resource for learning about tea time. Being a grandma (even a boomer one) is synonymous with having tea. And what could better than hosting a high tea or low tea (learn the difference at the above link). It's fun to visit your local tea house, but you could do the same thing in your own home (after you mentally photograph their ideas). It might be the three o'clock in the afternoon time slot that makes it all--- so interesting. Yesterday, Kenz and I hosted one of our 'teas', but this was our first high tea. We invited two grandmas and two girls ages 5 and 7. Before the Madelines, Apricot Wafers and Cinnamon Twists, and while the kettle boiling, I served small portions of cold Chicken Pesto salad. Although the high tea generally contain a hardy meal, this recipe is very filling. It could also be served as salad. Even though its HOT outside, strangely enough, hot tea still tastes good. It helps if you lower your thermostat a couple of degrees and keep cold lemonade handy.
Teas and teapots are a dime a dozen so nothing has to be expensive. Organic teas are my favorite and my favorite of all time these days is Organic Orange Spice Roobios from Trader Joes. My guests chose their own bags and got their own pots. That's how they do it in the Tea Houses, except they use loose tea. The girls had Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry, Tangerine Orange Zinger and Country Peach Passion. The grannies enjoyed Orange Spice Roobios, Organic Green Tea, and Pau d' Arco. Organic sugar and Stevia in the little green packs is a nice touch. (No Splenda or fake sugars allowed.) Tea Times last about two hours. While the grannies talked granny talk the girls soon disappeared into the playroom. What a sweet way to enjoy the indoors and begin the closing of another hot summer day.

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