Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Fort

What parent or grandparent has not heard the request, "Would you help me make me a tent?" Some children call them houses, others call em---forts. (Forts? How do children know so much about forts?) I remember my son's stage of taking apart the family room and setting up a camp. The cushions would be on the floor, sheets draped over chairs and the coffee table turned upside down. He would make several trips to his room to stockpile supplies. Why do I remember dreading the fort days?
Oh yeah! It was because of those battles we had trying to clean up. There was always the plea-- "Please Mom can we keep my fort (tent, camp, house) for awhile?" Because he took so much pride in his construction, I would always surrender. It's coming back to me now. Sometimes the family room was gone for days! Kenz started tent making in her late threes. There's just something wonderful about having a roof over your head and your own door, even if it is --- a chair.

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