Monday, July 30, 2007

An Old Crocs Warning To Keep In Mind

Experts are recommending caution to people who wear the popular "Crocs" brand of footwear, after several reports from around the country of children wearing the shoes and getting them caught in escalators. Experts say escalator teeth have been known to chomp up the shoes, and the feet inside them.
Donna Parnell-Beasley, a trauma coordinator at the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, has seen several injuries to kids under eight.
"One of the injuries was particularly serious with a lot of soft tissue loss and a partial amputation," she said. "They are pretty serious injuries and can have long term problems that follow."
Officials say when the teeth at the bottom of an escalator are broken, they create larger gaps and put kids at greater risk.
"Parents need to be watching their children at all times," Parnell-Beasley said. "For the younger children, pick them up when you're getting onto the escalator or getting off."
Shoelaces, long jeans, and long hair have also been known to get caught up in elevators. Hospital officials say children and adults should not throw away their Crocs, but they should exercise caution when wearing them.
CNN affiliate KATV contributed to this report. Sep 21, 2006 01:58 PM MST

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Anonymous said...

Con, Remember when you went into the elevator alone at the Aqua Marine Hotel in Cleveland and you were stuck in there alone, or was I there too??? Anyhow, Granny Peg was so worried - screaming at the attendants to get you out. I seem to remember an escaltor incident with the high heeled pumps couple with injury and humilation----Mrs Burger or Big D, in one of the downtown stores. We should go to Chicago and traverse Michigan Ave and Fields.

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