Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arting Projects

If you are searching yard sales for old craft books or digging around Michael's Store for creative ideas you can stop right now. a Disney sponsored site has a page with everything you ever wanted to find.

I'm not much of a crafter, but I do like to do art projects with children. The word crafting implies, to me anyhow, an attempt at art. Why not call it all art? (comments please)
Some of it, of course, is far more appealing, but when it comes to children's creations, especially my granddaughter's drawings, paintings, gluing etc.--- it's all art to me. Kenz has even turned the Perler beading into art. She designs patterns that are one of a kind.

I've always felt that her mother, my daughter was an artist when it came to printing and cursive writing. She did the wording on the T-shirts above. I am in awe of the way her hands can make those letters. "You are an artist," I tell her, every time she puts her hands to the paper.

I do know that crafting or arting with children or a group of children mixed with big people can be a pleasant activity. I think it brings people to the place where they can relax together. These moments may be brief or interrupted or limited, but nonetheless the attempt at it is what counts and the memory, like the thing created can last for years.
If you need a starting point, like I do, take a look at the link. Press on Arts&Crafts. Find the age group button, then view the age group you want to work with. Oh my goodness, the preschool button has 850 ideas.

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