Monday, September 3, 2007

Fall's Favorite Word

Now that summer is turning the corner and making a beeline into Fall, a few fun activities fade away. Kenz was reminded of this today when I said, "I am looking forward to colder days."
"I want it to stay hot so we can go swimming and so we don't have to wear coats," she pouted.
"Those things you'll miss," I told her, but won't it be nice when we can turn off the air conditioning and play outside without the mosquitoes."
"I don't care about air conditioning and bugs Nana, I like summer!"
"I like summer for awhile too Kenz, but just think, if we don't leave summer behind, we can't have Halloween."
That's all she needed to hear. "If Halloween is coming, Nana, I want summer to hurry up and leave!"

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