Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing Halloween

Cinderella, Tinker Bell, an M&M, and a Dora. We were reviewing the costumes of the past few years. Oh, and an Elmo.

"This year Nana, I was gonna be Belle, then I changed my mind to a bee. But the bee costume my mom said is too itchy... so we are gonna look for a cheerleader costume. I wanted to be a skeleton too but my mom said when I had the mask on I couldn't breathe."

The flyers are arriving daily. There are so many choices and places to Halloween shop; Party City, Halloween House, House of Costumes..... they are jumping out of the corners everywhere.

It's hard to pick just one character to be. Kenz calls them characters. All the stores seem to have 'such a good collection.' By the time Halloween arrives we will have seen em all.

It is a fun time. My daughter still likes to dress up and she is nearing the thirty year mark. I like to wear an orange shirt and call myself a pumpkin, although the year before last Kenz was Tink and I was Peter Pan. That year we had a blast! She didn't understand Halloween. She thought we were playing a game, going out, dressed up in the dark, walking around streets where other children and grown-ups were playing too. In her mind we were making a show, complete with props. (Some were way too scary)

We had stopped at the fast food drive in before trick or treating. We pulled up to the window, Tiger Lily and another Indian in the front seat and Tink and Peter Pan in the back. It was an memorable moment when the drive-in window opened and the lady peeked in the car all smiles and chattering about who we were. After we got our food Kenzie said to me, "This is fun Nana, I want to stay in this video."

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