Monday, October 15, 2007

Sorting Through Your World

At there are plenty of pages and and links to explore. Several of the articles about grandparenting have a motivational message that you might find helpful. There are several on aging and exercising, socializing, and nutrition.

This is the best thing I found there so far and it's now become the next activity on my to do list with Kenz. It's called a Birthday Book. It seems like it could be something a Grandparent could do and give it to the child, but there's no reason you couldn't fill in the blanks with your grandchild. Otherwise, you'll have to get some information from the parents.

My favorite is the My Favorites Page!

I'll put you right through to the pages so you don't have to spend time searching

If you have a printer, for free you can make a nice book and make a new one every year!

Have fun.

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