Monday, October 1, 2007

Playing is free!

"Play is the gateway to vitality.
By its nature it is uniquely and intrinsically rewarding. It generates optimism, seeks out novelty, makes perseverance fun, leads to mastery, gives the immune system a bounce, fosters empathy and promotes a sense of belonging and community. Each of these play by-products are indices of personal health, and their shortage predicts impending health problems and personal fragility

A few weeks back I found this incredible link --- the National Institute of Play. I put it on the sidebar today. It's like a museum, a place to go back to and find something new each time.
I had to write a whole book to come to the conclusion that play does all the things listed above. Playing is rejuvenating. Watching how a child plays teaches adults that play is more than a game, it's a state of mind.

Play is healing. Play is fun and Play is Free!

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