Friday, November 23, 2007


Hurry Grandma hurry,
Grandma look at me,
I'm right side up, I'm upside down,
I'm swinging from a tree.
I'm jumping like a squirrel,
I think that I can fly_
Grandma please don't worry,
Grandma please don't cry.
Hurry Grandma hurry,
see what I can do,
I'm roller-skating backwards
across the avenue,
Here's a lucious little bug,
I think I'll take a bite--
Grandma stop your screaming,
everythings all right.
Hurry Grandma hurry.
Grandma watch me please,
I'm climbing up a ladder,
I'm dangling from my knees,
I found this giant spider
that was stuck in gobs of paint,
Grandma take a closer look--
whatever made you faint?
I'm Glad I'm Me
I'm glad I'm me, I'm glad I'm me
There's no one else I want to be.
I'm happy I'm the person who
Can do the things that I can do.
If I were someone else, then I
Would feel so strange, I'd wonder why
I'm positive that I'd be sad--
But I am me, and I am glad.
These two poems by Jack Prelutsky can help during the holidays, especially when we are in close contact with our grandchildren, adult children, and relatives in general.
I'm Glad I'm Me is a good one to teach kids, but we all need to be reminded of how unique we are and how that can make us glad.

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