Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unedible Ornaments

My brother John sent me this story about his post Thanksgiving holiday weekend. (This is a must read if you have pets.)

About a week ago we got a new trampoline and a combo pool table/ping pong table. The kids love it and it helps burn the youthful energy. On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving Bird along with fun and games at our house. We had about 15 people. We ate turkey at 1 pm and then again at 5 pm and then ate again at 9:30pm.

On Saturday, I stayed home with the kids while Sandra (my wife) went to have lunch with an old friend. The kids had been home from school all week and she needed a break. While she was gone, the three of us got busy and put up the outside Xmas lights. This year we added more items. Now we have one of the most decorated houses on the block; our goal is to be the house you try to keep up with.

Later that night we lit a fire, got out the Xmas tree and ornaments and did our indoor decorating. This is our Saturday after Thanksgiving tradition. But this story isn't about traditions, this is about Garrett, our dog. He is the real story.
Last year we bought some unbreakable ornaments, because Garret was biting at the tree and breaking the glass ornaments. We put the expensive glass ornaments away to keep him safe. Well, this year he got one of our new unbreakable ones that are made of a very tightly woven yarn--- and chewed it up!

Garret has chewed up many a kid toy and we often see chunks of toys in his poop, so we didn't think much of it. On Sunday morning Garret started throwing up all over the place and then started shaking. We took him to the vet where he was x-rayed and examined.

To make a long story ( and morning) short, Garret needed surgery. Inside his intestines the veterinarian found 12 feet of yarn. He is now resting comfortably at the vet and should be home soon.

The cost of Garret's surgery was $1500.00

Buying low cost, unbreakable Xmas ornaments to save your slightly more expensive glass ornaments may end up costing you more if your dog gets a hold of the unbreakable Xmas ornaments! Protect your Pets and your bank account.

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