Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Curious Santa

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

by Jerry Pallotta and David Bierdrzycki

This book can take you on a great ride!

Just looking at the cover, I wanted to be on that sled as the team of dolphins dived in and out of the ocean pulling Santa behind. What a thrill!

It's a story where we get a look at Santa's thoughts and guess what?... He's human. On the first page, he is looking over thousands of snow capped rooftops and thinking, The job was too big for me, I needed help!

Wow Santa, I can relate to that. The holiday season can sometimes put an extra load on families which requires---teamwork. Santa figures out what to do on the next page.

I had the sleigh. But one helper just wouldn't do. I was looking for a team!

And then he flubs it up by choosing the wrong teams. But, he keeps trying till he gets one that succeeds.

I tried tigers. They played too rough. They almost ate me!

I tried mice. They couldn't lift the straps!

The penguins flapped and flapped. Oops, they flipped and flopped!

The dolphins were really smart. But---SPLASH---they took me for a swim.

Santa is found on every page in all sorts of mishappen postures as a result of an incompetent team. He looks dazed and confused, but he is learning and so are we.

Why couldn't Santa use giraffes, skunks, kangaroos, turtles cheetahs, rhinoceroses, bunnies (there's a darling Mrs. Claus on this page) or monkeys?

Why did he choose the reindeers to fly the sleigh?

Because tried and true, reindeers provide a smooth sailing ride. With their heads held high, they stay in pairs behind the team leader, who happens to be the team leader because he has a red light on his nose.

On the last page, we see Santa with that familiar sparkle in his eye and an array of colorful butterfiles. He is thinking... Maybe next year I will try butterflies.

Santa is curious. He's as bright as Rudolph's nose.

Just because something works well doesn't mean something else might not work well also.

That's what you call imagination!

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