Thursday, December 27, 2007

Play Vacation

Are you day caring your grandchild through the holiday season? Kenz is out of school for two weeks so we will be having a lot of time together. We have a plan, it's called--- PLAY.

Our playing started on Christmas morning and was sporadic throughout the day with guests and visitors congregating at my house.

But, it resumed after everyone left,continued till bedtime and immediately kicked in again in the morning. Santa and Kenzie's family gave her a Barbie Townhouse, a Barbie Bus,and a Barbie Ocean Liner/Air Plane.

Playing Barbie and Hannah is hard work. You have to create a story to go along with the props. We got some great props and Kenz and I put them into action. We took a plane ride to New York, and had a party at a disco in San Diego where a bunch of Hannahs were performing.

The week ahead promises many more journeys.

She got some great books including The Legend of Papa Noel, The Polar Express and Little Women. Yes siree ....we are going places!

Right now I'm off to use one of my own gifts, a massage.

I love Nat King Cole's voice. The first verse of this song comes from a grandparent's heart.

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