Monday, January 28, 2008

New TV Program

The web page says:

Learn more about this riveting social experiment where five teenage couples fast-track to parenthood.

There are no prizes and no eliminations, just a great big dose of reality.

I watched the preview to the new program and it looks like this 'experiment' will be worthwhile. Still, nothing prepares a person for parenthood, like parenthood.

The 'reality' program might be able to give teenagers a glimpse of the unending responsibility of parenthood, but like motherhood and grandparenthood, you don't see the whole picture till you get there. It should be fun to watch.

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Sally said...

I'll have to catch The Baby Borrowers. Sounds like a great idea, but you're right -- nothing can prepare you fully for parenthood. I remember my eldest daughter, who had done a lot of baby-sitting and helped out with her younger sisters, tell me after her first baby was born, "I never knew I'd be this tired." Now, as a single working mom with two children, I know she is still perpetually sleep-deprived. That's the real face of parenthood -- accompanied, of course, by all the real joys.

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